YAM SLAM April 17, 2018

Dear YAM fam,

I'm only three weeks late on this post but better late than never!  I'm sure you all can relate to the "end of the semester blues," am I right?  I wanted to give a very late thank you to everyone who came out to and supported YAM SLAM - you all became a part of my dream and passions. I hope everyone had half as much fun as I did, because I had a GD blast.  Working at Urban Arts Space the last year, I’ve been endlessly inspired by the talents of my classmates and peers. We have incredible artists in Columbus, and I wanted to provide an accessible platform so other people could see what I have. Our emerging artists don't receive nearly enough credit or recognition that they deserve, and it's my hope that YAM becomes a leader in supporting them.  We are always searching for content creators, and we would love to promote your work (yes, you)!  Submit to YAM now.

Be sure to check out Fullsend and Joey Aich, they were amazing to work with and killed it on stage.  This isn't the last you'll hear from them.

To our generous supporters and donors the last couple months, we couldn’t have done this without you.

A HUGE thank you to Diego Arellano, our amazing curator who is going to go on to do even more amazing things, and of course all of our artists who exhibited at our pop-up.

A special thanks to Andy Meyer and Israel Vento for photographing our event, Eric Murray, my peer executive director who has passion for LOUD: MIND & MUSIC that is simply infectious (he's coming up with some new music this summer, so be on the lookout), and Kyle Kennedy, my brother and YAM’s graphic designer.

To our past and future content contributors, thank you for allowing YAM to promote your work. You all inspire me.

Naomi Kennedy
Executive Director, Founder of YAM

Naomi Kennedy