Juli Sasaki and the Visible Invisible

YAM is partnering with Juli Sasaki and Visible Invisible for a pop-exhibition at YAM SLAM.  The artwork in this collection was created during a year's worth of open studio sessions organized by The Visible Invisible in collaboration with the Star House, a drop-in center for youth aged 14–24 who are experiencing homelessness. Through the collection's theme of identity, the artists explored the experiences that have impacted their artistic identities beyond their experience with homelessness. The Visible Invisible hopes that the artwork promotes understanding of this vulnerable population and breaks stereotypes of homelessness. 

At YAM SLAM, we'll be featuring some works by Clarke Billard.



Clarke Billard

I am a woman of many names. I have come to realize that I inherited these titles from the different ways in which I am viewed. I think that it is beautiful for one person to be painted in so many shades and hues of colors. My artwork is literally my soul speaking to your eyes. It is my gift to you, and your gift to me is your perspective. Somewhere in the conversation between you and my art lies my identity. Thank you for being a part of my self-expansion.