Beers, Queers & Art, June 14, 2018

Thank you to everyone who came out to support Beers, Queers & Art!  It was such a great experience to bring together our queer and artistic communities for one event.  What better way to come together than with a beer (huge shout out to PBR) and some art?  All proceeds go directly to future arts events and further promotion of emerging artists.

To our artists  - Johnny Elder, Michael Fletcher, Mitch Vicieux, Gabby Metzler, and Ellie Bloch - thank you so much for exhibiting your work.  YAM is so honored to be able to present your work in honor of pride month to such a great audience.

To our discussion panel - Logan Ward, Gabby Metzler, Ashley Gerlach, and Kali Dreamer - I can't thank you all enough for offering your voices to the panel.  The conversation was so thoughtful and insightful, and YAM is definitely looking to you guys for some commentary pieces in the future.  

The open mic was such a memorable experience.  Thank you to everyone who stood up and spoke.  Due to popular demand, I'm dropping some social media handles from Nathan Cintax - the INCREDIBLE poet who performed.  Find him on Facebook under the same name or on twitter @NathanCintax.  If you're lucky, you may be able to catch him at an open mic at Kafe Kerouac. 

Thank you to Kali Dreamer and Michelle Imari of DANK.  You guys ended the night on such a high note.  The energy you brought to the stage was truly electric.  Check out their posts on YAM to learn more about Kali, Michelle, and DANK.

Thank you YAM fam, we couldn't exist without you.