Bryce Boron - Psychology, Neuroscience, and Film, Oh My!

I had the pleasure of watching two films by Bryce Boron, One Minute and Resident Assistants. Both are shot on OSU's campus and tell the stories of students in one form or another. Bryce shows two completely different sides of his artistic vision, with Resident Assistants being nearly a feature-length mockumentary and One Minute being a much more serious and story-driven short film.

For anyone who has gotten that "way too late to mean anything" text, One Minute is for you. The story of one man's 2:15am awakening to a text from an ex is pretty relatable. The story follows the budding relationship between two lovers that eventually fades away into obscurity. The entire short film is very captivating with special attention to making a college relationship feel very authentic. 

I should disclose that I'm a resident advisor myself, so I am a little bit biased, but I really enjoyed Resident Assistants. I'm gonna be frank: it's funny. Like, extremely funny. All of the situations in the film seem like extreme dramatizations of dorm room incidents but aren't as satirical as one would think. My favorite part by far is one of the RA's initiatives to start a dorm "neighborhood watch," which is just fantastic.

I would certainly encourage anyone to check out these or any of Boron's work. They are really well shot and extremely enjoyable to watch. I hope to see some of Bryce's other films in the future.

- Drew Halford, Second Year Arts Management student

Check out more of Bryce's work here.

"One Minute" is a story about longing for your past when it’s no longer your future. When a man gets a text from his ex, his memories spin off into a frenzy of nostalgia and pain. "One Minute" is inspired by a painful breakup that I experienced a few years ago. Presented as almost a running internal monologue, we see the true nature of a man who is just trying to move on.

"Resident Assistants" is an original mockumentary about the behind the scenes life of a competitive group of Resident Assistants fighting for an award for Best RA. Watch as these six crazy students do whatever (they think) it takes to be the best. This movie was inspired by stories and events that my friends and I went through in the awkward ins and outs of dorm life. "Resident Assistants" shows the truth of what really goes on behind doors of college campuses.