Kali Dreamer - Electric Creative

Kali Dreamer.jpg

Guitars. Bars. The Bard of Going Hard. Kali Dreamer puts a spin on traditional Hip-hop by blending guitars, poetry, sparkly synths, and a punk rock ethos. With unpredictable live performances that are colorful in every sense of the word, Kali Dreamer is an experience you don't wanna miss.

Kali Dreamer is a member of DANK, a Columbus music collective.  He's going to be performing at our upcoming arts event, Beers, Queers & Art, and we've got a feeling it's gonna be good.

Check out Kali's Soundcloud to get pumped up for his performance at Beers, Queers, and Art on June 14.  Kali will also be participating in our discussion panel exploring identity, art, and sexuality.