Vince Gillotti - Jazz Mastermind

YAM's purpose is to show our community the amazing talent Ohio State houses.  Vince Gillotti literally embodies exactly what we're talking about.  We can't even express how amazed we are at this jazz ensemble Vince put together.  Keep an eye out for this guy.

Vince G.jpg

"Unknown Beauty" is an original work for big band. Written in a ballad style, the piece conveys the mixed feelings of awe and bewilderment with feelings of trepidation and uncertainty. The introduction creates the initial feeling of beauty and awe and afterwards, when the melody starts in the solo trombone, is the introduction of the unknown. The added harmonies and dissonances created by the other instruments continue to grow and emulate those feelings around the solo trombone melody until finally the melody climaxes when all of the band plays together in a triumphant statement. The piece ends with a return to the solo trombone and ends softly representing that everything is going to okay and that these feelings come and go.

Naomi Kennedy