Andy Meyer - Printmaking Extraordinaire

Andy Meyer is a recent OSU grad who majored in arts management (shout out) and minored in printmaking.  We think he's majorly awesome.  Like what you see?  Check out his website and Instagram for more.

Andy meyer - Unable to Connect.png

"Unable to Connect...Please Try Again." (2016) / screen print on paper

This screen print encapsulates the overarching theme found in my work – the ever-complexifying relationship between human connectivity and technology. The imagery reassembles and remixes cultural iconography from the days of Michaelangelo as well as our contemporary circumstances. This piece brings to question the duality of disconnection and connection the internet and communication technology brings to human interaction.

"Miami Memories" Series (2017) / digital

This series of images are meant to tap into our collective unconscious– reminding us of our 90s childhood and the imagery once used to stylize our visual landscape. The designs may evoke a hesitant melancholy, perhaps a nostalgia for a time period that has gone and passed, never to live up to its expectations.

"Lost in the Virtual Plaza" / digital video with quadrascopic photography

This video is my vaporware tribute.  It's that shopping mall corporate musak to be recalled at a later date as an experience that may or may not have happened.  Like imagining what all the aesthetics and advertisements I saw as a kid would feel like in real life.  Perhaps it's that eerie feeling when a usually crowded mall is empty, or a feeling of nostalgia for a period of time you never lived in.  Like reliving a childhood from the 90s that you never experienced.  The vaporware internet art movement portrays an echo of a time that never was.  It was the future that the 90s promised, but never came to be.