Zach Norman - Interior Designer

This is a YAM first provided by 5th year student Zach Norman.  As you can tell from this piece, Zach is an interior design major who created a concept to be based in the Short North.  We all know Columbus is a thriving creative city, so this is dope.  We hear the department of design is a super selective program, so you know he's gotta be good.

Final Render 1.jpg
Final Render 2.jpg

Concept:  The Short North District in Columbus, Ohio is rich in art galleries and restaurants that
create a great atmosphere in which people can enjoy having dinner and discovering art.
Vitreous offers a handcrafted experience that combines dining and the art of
glassblowing in one space. Vitreous an immersive experience is provided through
demonstrations of glassblowing in the studio and other activities such as glass slumping
and mixology classes.

As an interior design student most of my student work involves conceptualizing spaces
and communicating each concept through a series of diagrams, floor plans and
renderings. Through this area of study, I have my own creative skills along with skills
like video editing and woodworking that I would have never imagined I would develop. I
see this career will not limit my skills to one are of design and would like to go into
lighting design and event design in the future. Learn more about my work at

Naomi Kennedy